About Us

Hello, Welcome to BrushUpCrypto.com. 

We (Ankit Dhankhar and Kunal Kishore), Founders of this Crypto news, Reviews and Analytics website. We started this site in October of 2020 because we saw that Cryptocurrencies are still unknown entities to most of the world and people are being scammed because of it. 

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Cryptocurrency projects can sometimes be complex to understand, hence, we’ve started BrushUpCrypto to help people understand these projects in a simpler way. 

Also,when it comes to news and Analytics, there are thousands of articles published each day but not all of them are providing substantial information, wasting a lot of time to find something relevant. We strive to publish only the most important News and largely correct Analytics. So that you can get all the relevant information without wasting much of your valuable time. 

Reach out to us through our Contact Us page. You can also contact us through our twitter profiles, just click on the names below. 

Ankit Dhankhar

Kunal Kishore