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Only a week left for Christmas, the last big festival of 2020 where we’ve hardly spent any time with our friends hanging out and partying. Chances are that most of you have already wrapped up all the gifts but If you’re still thinking about a last minute gift for your Crypto enthusiast friend. Here are some nice ideas for you. 


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Of course, this needs to be on top of the list every single year. A Hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor. Crypto community loves nothing more than a hardware wallet to safely store their cryptocurrency. It’s fairly logical, If your friend has cryptocurrencies, he/she would want to keep them safe from hackers and scams to benefit from the upcoming bull run. 

Trezor One: $613

Trezor Model T: $183

Ledger $152 

The prices may vary depending on different countries. 

Note: Always buy from Ledger and Trezor official website to keep your crypto safe. 

2) NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

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NFT’s are the upcoming trend in the crypto market. If you do catch up and get to understand how NFT’s work. You would simply be amazed by how much room there is for an investment to grow. Just like ICO’s in 2017. It is possible that NFT’s could be the next big thing.

These unique Non- Fungible Tokens are a pretty amazing gift for a crypto enthusiast as he would love to have something which is one of a kind secured by a non breakable algorithm and has enormous chances of going up in prices.

A perfect gift for a person who is passionate about Art. A unique gift for a special friend. 

You can create a unique NFT for your friend or just purchase from others on Rarible.



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Let’s be real, Christmas without a sweater is unimaginable. This  has to be in this list. An ugly looking Bitcoin or Ethereum sweater will always be a cool thing to gift to a Crypto enthusiast. You can get one of these at Hodlmoon. 



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This is the best Christmas gift you can give to a No coiner friend. A good Udemy Course for him/her to understand what exactly Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are and how this thing works. The chances are that they will understand and enter the world of Crypto, this will change their lives forever. 

If they still don’t agree with the fact that Crypto is the future, they still have those $100 worth of Bitcoin. Maybe the rising value of their small portfolio will attract them in. 

In any case, you’ve gifted them something that has capabilities to change their lives for good. 


Hope you liked this article about Christmas gifts, If you have any suggestions or anything you wanna say about this, please let me know in the comments. 

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