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Huobi Global, the second largest Crypto sport and Derivatives Exchange in terms of daily traded volume has now launched a new regulated trading platform in Malaysia, called Huobi Labuan. 

The new platform will be on an initial 9 month trial period providing crypto spot and derivatives services for a dozen of cryptocurrencies including major player like Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Bitcoin Cash(BCH), EOS, HT etc. but will be able to list more assets at the end of trial period. 

It comes shortly after Huobi Labuan received a digital asset trading brokerage service license from Malaysian authorities, which was granted in September 2020.

Huobi Labuan will provide trading services as a local trading partner of Huobi Cloud, a blockchain service provider for vetted partners to launch exchanges leveraging Huobi’s trading technology and infrastructure. 

In spite of the regulatory confusion surrounding Crypto through out the world, the seven year old Huobi has managed to continue expanding it’s services. 

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