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Buy xMOON token by reddit on HoneySwap[**make huge money**]

I know you are too curious to buy this xMOON token by Reddit. It has a small market cap and currently trading at a volume of approx.. $60k – $90k only. The current price of the xMOON token at the time of writing this article is 0.07 cents. Imagine if the volume is greater than 1 million , the price of the xMOON token will sky rocket to approximately to 2.5$ – 3.5$. Which is very easy to achieve, if a big exchange like Binance or Coinbase lists it. That would make you huge profits. 🔥🚀

But how do you actually buy the xMOON token ?

Well the process is bit lengthy and complicated, but once its done you’ll feel good that you did something amazing and learned something new. Lets see how to buy the xMOON token on honeyswap dex :

Well don’t get too afraid it, with the following steps it will be done in 4 minutes:

Step 1. Download Meta Mask from apps store in Apple / or play store in Android.

Watch the video to understand what is Meta Mask and why it needed.

Video Source : Metamask youtube channel


Step 2. Create an account in the Meta mask, make sure you store the 12 word pass phrase somewhere safe. [It is important to restore the wallet].

Step 3. Now we need to create a network where we will store our xMOON token. Follow the steps to create the network.

  • Click on the menu button on left top corner of the meta mask wallet.
  • Click Settings
  • Click Networks
  • Click Add New Network 
  • In the Add Network section fill in the following details :–>>


Step 4. Now we need to switch back to main network which is the Ethereum main net.

  • Go back to the Home Screen and click on wallet on top of the home screen.
  • Select Ethereum Main Network.


Step 5. Now we need to fill our meta mask account with Ether to buy some Dai with it and pay for the fees with it. Keep 5 dollars for fees approximately. It won’t cost that much don’t worry. 

  • Copy the Ethereum address of your meta mask wallet and transfer some Ether to this address. The amount of which you want to buy the xMOON token. For example —–>> if you want to buy 100$ worth of xMOON token then transfer 105$ worth of Ether to this address.


Step 6. Now we need to buy some DAI tokens. Here I am showing example of Uniswap (leading decentralised exchange) to buy DAI coins from our meta mask account. Make sure you have some amount of Ether token in the Meta Mask wallet as well.


Step 7.  Now we need to convert our DAI tokens into xDAI token on the xDAI network so that we can buy xMOON tokens on the HoneySwap decentralised exchange.

  • Make sure you have some amount of Ether  in the Meta Mask account to pay the fees.
  • Make sure you have Dai in the account which you want to convert to xDai.
  • Visit this link —- >> https://dai-bridge.poa.network/  — this website will look like the following —
  • After converting  Dai to xDai  come back to meta mask wallet home page.
  • click on the wallet on the top select the xDai network, you will be able to see the xDai balance in your account.
  • Your Dai has been converted to xDAI, congrats now its time to buy the moon token.


Step 8. Now it is time to buy the xMOON token on HoneySwap. 

  • Make sure in the Meta Mask wallet Network —  It is in xDAI network or else you won’t be able to connect to the HoneySwap and buy XMOON token.
  • If you were in Ethereum main network, then please switch network to xDAi network in the wallet using Step 4.  and refresh the HoneySwap page, then  you will be connected to the HoneySwap.
  • Now you choose list, select the default HoneySwap list.
  • Now select xDAI in section and select the amount of xDAI you wish to convert to XMOON, 
  •  In the ‘To’ section select XMOON & click on swap.


Congrats you just bought XMOON Tokens on HoneySwap. Now wait for some big exchange to list it on their exchange.🚀🚀🚀🚀


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