Let’s Have Some Crypto News this time .. 

The Decentralized Exchange(DEX) has been gearing up a lot of attention in the pandemic year.  When the whole world was sitting inside rooms of 10×10 or bigger or may be smaller. Decentralized finance showed the entire world what the power of technology is. With the massive success of the Uniswap protocol the DeFi craze came and people started to rush into the DeFi world. Few months ago nobody knew how these Decentralized Exchanges worked, and now they are thriving like crazy, leaving behind some good reputed centralized exchanges.

The total volume being traded on Dex [ Decentralized Exchanges ] have reached a massive number which is mind boggling🤯🤯 


According to media channel  

Aggregate trading volume on Decentralized Exchanges reached USD 22.8bn in September, up from USD 11.3bn in August, which is more than a 100% increase, according to Dune Analytics. The rise recorded in August compared to July was also substantial – 163%. There is a continual rise since April 2020’s USD 667m, likely fuelled by the rising interest in Decentralized Finance (DeFi).



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