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This year has been the year for DECENTRALIZED DAPPS , As you will see that even the Decentralized Exchanges like “UNISWAP”  have volume of more than 2 billion dollars (that’s huge🔥🔥🚀🚀) , that to even without any custody of users funds.

Isn’t it amazing to see a Dapp which didn’t go to any venture capitalist funding or any ICO (Initial Coin Offering),  just gave its users the biggest airdrop of all time. 400 UNI tokens to every user who ever swapped a token and Ethers on the UNISWAP platform.

Here are some awesome Dapps of this year ..



  • Uniswap —  decentralised exchange (DeFi)
  • Aave — Non-custodial protocol to earn interest on deposits and borrow on collateral(DeFi)
  • TomoSwap — Decentralised exchange platform on TOMO chain
  • Local Ethereum (now known as Local Crypto) — Private and secure way to swap ether, bitcoin and litecoin with other people for local currency, (has more than 40 payment methods).. 🔥🔥 


  • Crypto Cities — A business board game that went digital
  • Decentraland —  An awesome virtual world where people can buy and sell land items.
  • My Crypto Heros — Collect awesome hero collectibles
  • Crypto Kitties — Collect and breed cute rare kitties and sell them for a reasonable price


  • ETH Mail — Mail service for Ethereum community, mail anyone who has an ethereum address..
  • ETH2 — Send ether by just phone numbers
  • Peepeth — Micro-blogging on Ethereum (just like twitter but distributed) ✌️✌️🤯
  • Indorse — Decentralised skill network


  • Ethereum Name Service — Register your .eth domain in a secure & decentralized way (eg kunal.eth), you can receive Ethereum , ERC-20 Tokens and few more other Crypto.
  • OpenSea —  Peer to Peer marketplace for digital rare collectibles & ERC-721 tokens.
  • Bidali — Buy from top brands with ETH and other ERC-20 Tokens like[ BAT, AAVE, UNI ] etc

Are there only this small number of dapps on Ethereum ??😫😫

Well no not at all , there are so many Dapps now on the Blockchain, especially on ETHEREUM  and ETHEREUM DEFI  and the gaming section that you can’t even count them. People are going crazy to use those Dapps. Some are very easy to use, but some are a bit of a hassle when it comes to UI and UX, well the market is new, growing and improving at lightning speed, still it will take a little bit of time to reach prime time. The above are my favourites among the Dapps that I have viewed on the Dapp market. 

How to access those dapps , isn’t it very difficult to use ?? 🤯🤯🚀🚀

Well if this question was asked a few years ago, like in 2017 then I would have approved this question as valid, but nowadays there are many Dapp browsers to use these  dapps  along with privacy. for example  —

  • Meta Mask — Best Dapp browser from (Ethereum itself) here you can deploy and test your Dapps if you are a Dapp developer.
  • Trust Wallet — You can use other blockchain apps as well..
  • Mew wallet 
  • Coinbase wallet
  • wallet

The above are the main and most secure Dapp browsers to access different Dapps securely on the web. These are very big companies in blockchain space. So I am pretty sure that in terms of security they are on top. So feel free to use these Dapp browsers in your phone they are very easy to use. Get an account on these and hold some ETHER and swap them for different tokens for example on Uniswap exchange I have provided the links for all of them above.

If you don’t have a Dapp browser that’s not a problem, you can still visit the websites to see and understand what features and benefits each of them has for you. Trust me you will love it. ❤️

Let’s have a look at some of the Dapps mentioned above .. 

Below is the video explaining how to use one of the Dapps LocalCryptos <– click here to visit the website.

source : localcryptos youtube channel

You might have learned from the video how easy it is to use LOCAL CRYPTOS  to send and receive ETHEREUM, BITCOIN  and LITECOIN  with over more than 40 payment methods, which surely covers every country’s at least one form of payment method. 

Our community is thriving for sure.  🚀🚀✌️✌️

Below is the TOMO CHAIN SWAP ‘s website

Source :– TOMOCHAIN SWAP website

As you can see TOMO CHAIN SWAP has a very simple UI and UX , it doesn’t have much on the table but what it has is enough. Swapping tokens without any KYC check is amazing. You can buy any token on these platforms. You can even use the TRANSFER  button if you wish to transfer some coins or tokens to someone else. In the below section there is an option to connect different wallets where you hold the funds or NFT’s. Meta Mask is one of them as well. Isn’t that amazing.


 Below is the the ETH MAIL SERVICE web page


Very interesting DAPP on the Ethereum platform,It feels satisfying to know that a single Ethereum address has so much utility and usability. I mean it was called an Ethereum address, we used it as a mailing address as well. Mind blowing concepts are emerging as solid Dapps on Ethereum blockchain. We can even send mails to the Ethereum name services for example. 

I can send mail to kunal.eth using eth mail service. Another amazing Dapp in the world of Ethereum.


The below image is a screenshot of the open sea homepage


Open sea is an amazing platform for buying and selling stuffs like NFT’s (non fungible tokens) Crypto collectibles for example — Crypto kitties, ens names for example — kunal.eth & many more things that are unique and built on top of blockchain. Imagine you  have a virtual land in Decentraland  and you want to sell it. You can use Open sea to start an auction or just set a selling price for that land, that’s it. Someone who thinks that has  value for his/her money will buy it from you. 

The future seems to be pretty amazing and mind boggling, because soon even better dapps will be introduced , along with AI and AR..

Well that’s it I hope you guys loved the blog and got some useful info about Dapps and DeFi


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