Hello, Welcome to BrushUp Crypto. 

We Ankit Dhankhar and Kunal Kishore (CryptoByKsquare), founders of this website, started it because we believe that Cryptocurrencies are still misunderstood or simply too difficult for most people to understand. 

Our aim is to help people understand Blockchain and Crypto in a simple way. 

There is too much to learn here and for a new entrant in this market, it could be very complicated. At BrushUp Crypto you can be assured that we’ll try to give you as much information as we can in a language that you understand. 

We have three sections, Cryptopedia, Technical Analysis and Updates. 

In the Cryptopedia section, you can find information about some good up n coming projects. 

The Technical Analysis section is for the people who want to get better at trading. The knowledge you’ll get from here can be applied to both Stock Market as well as Crypto markets. 

In the Updates section, we provide you with some major news or any recent update about a Crypto project like Mainnet launch, token swaps and any new product lines.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading our posts and they’ll help you to better understand Cryptocurrencies. 

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