WazirX launches NFT Market Place

Even though crypto market has calm down after a major 50 – 80% correction in bitcoin and Altcoins respectively, there are a lot of things happening in the Indian Crypto Space. New products are being launched almost every passing day. One among those amazing products is the WazirX’s newly launched NFT market place where people can buy & sell digital collectibles. It could be quite a big thing for their native token WRX, as the utility token’s use case is increasing rapidly. You can do a lot of things with WRX token such as :

  • You can pay your fees and get 50% OFF using WRX token on WazirX
  • You can use it for dust conversion ( converting small balance to WRX ) on the platform.
  • You can trade the token for making profits or hold for a long term if you believe in the platform.
  • (New ** ) Now you can also buy digital art called NFT ( non fungible token ), it could be anything from shoe, photo, music etc.
  • (Upcoming**) Another upcoming use case for WRX token would be the” Decentralised Exchange” platform, which WazirX has been working on for quite some time. This could also be releasing this year in coming months.

The NFT market place is still running in beta. As you can see in the image below, just beside the logo of WazirX on top left corner.

A screenshot showing the WazirX market place home page.

Right now its only compatible with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and it’s pretty understandable why they are using BSC instead of Ethereum.

BSC is faster & cheaper than Ethereum, so there are less chances of your transaction getting stuck on the blockchain and you are not likely to end up paying more than the actual price of art piece that you are buying.

So guys When you are finally connected to the DApp, and want to buy a particular piece of art, this is how the product page looks like. You will see the complete description of the NFT provided by the creator (artist). You will be able to see his/her handle, You will find some of the handles with verified blue tick as well. Below the social handle you will find the price of that

NFT in WRX token, yes as mentioned earlier in this article, all the NFT’s are priced in WRX token and will only be bought using WRX tokens. On the bottom you can verify the art piece on the BSC explorer and on the IPFS. You can also check the history of the NFT such as

  • Who minted it
  • Who listed it etc.

They have a discover page as show below where you can explore more NFTs efficiently. This is like a complete gallery of all the NFTs listed on the market, which you can view just by sliding down the Dapp and if you find a NFT awesome make sure you buy it.

Discover page Screen Shot from. the WazirX NFT market place

There is a Drop Page as well on the website where you can find NFTs created by verified artists only. These NFT’s are bit costly than others as they are made by verified artists on the platform.

Drop page Screen Shot from the wazirX NFT Market Place

This is a quite good feature to have to separate a bigger artist from the new comers, So that you can get value for your money, this way you won’t end up buying an expensive piece of art which might not be valuable at all, but still you need to be careful before buying NFT’s as there are lot of them and you need have a better understanding of how these things are priced.

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I hope you got the info. that you were looking for, Enjoy buying selling NFT on the new WazirX NFT Market Place here ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰ https://nft.wazirx.org/drop. Please don’t forget to follow us on our social media handles mentioned below —

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