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Dock is a platform which helps Institutions to create and manage digitally verifiable credentials using blockchain technology. 

As of now, most of the businesses and govt depend on a central entity to do this job because of the easy to use interface, however, the documents are not easily verifiable and can be tampered with. 

Dock uses cryptography for encryption and digital signatures, which ensures that data stored on the blockchain is clear, tamper-proof, and cannot be changed.


Dock Association 

Like many other Crypto projects, Dock Network’s development, promotion and adoption is overseen by a non-profit organization based in Switzerland, favoured due to the legal clarity it offers around cryptographic tokens, such as Dock’s utility token.

Dock Ecosystem

  • Identity owners: Entities who have an on-chain DID. ( Decentralized Identity )
  • Issuers: Entities who issue credentials using the Dock SDK. 
  • Revocation authorities: Entities who are allowed to revoke (or undo the revocation in some cases) issued credentials. 
  • Holders: Entities who receive credentials from issuers. The holders can verify the authenticity of their received credential and its revocation status by using the Dock SDK. 
  • Verifiers: Entities who verify the received presentations from the holder. These are generally organizations that require verification of certain conditions to be satisfied by the holder in order to engage, transact, or provide services to holders. 
  • Validators: Entities who run a full node and are in charge of producing blocks and finalizing them.
  • Governing Council: A group of individuals who are part of the Dock Association, a Swiss non-profit whose remit is to govern the network and manage its ongoing development while driving adoption.

Use Cases of Dock 

  • Recruitment: We all know how complex the hiring process is. There are time boundations on HR to recruit qualified workforce while also verifying that the documents provided are genuine and not tampered. Dock network can streamline the entire hiring mechanism by providing cryptographically verifiable credentials, thus easing the task for one and all.
  • Healthcare: Verifiable with Dock aims at streamlining the healthcare credential verification and monitoring process.
  • Supply Chain: Dock can help ensure a legal and compliant supply chain management in terms of genuine products and safe deliveries.
  • Anti-counterfeiting: Counterfeiting in the luxury goods market is a serious problem. Dock can help solve this problem too with it’s verifiable credentials. 

Where can I buy DOCK ?

DOCK is available for trading on all major exchanges, these include:

  • Binance
  • Huobi Global
  • WazirX
  • KuCoin

To have a look at Dock blockchain explorer, click here.

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